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Tips for Coaching Employees to Success

Successful, happy employees are more productive for their employers and that’s why employers should work with them to guide their employees toward success. Coaching employees means more than sitting down with them for an annual job review and going over a few items for improvement. Coaching an employee to success means taking steps all year long to help them be more successful and productive.
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The first way to begin a coaching relationship is to have an open meeting with the employee and see if they are open to being coached and have a dialogue on what you can offer them and what they’re looking for. The coaching relationship should offer benefits for both of you. Bear in mind that coaching is build on a foundation of trust and respect and that it must be mutual.


Buy in to a coaching arrangement is crucial. If the employee simply isn’t interested enough in his or her career to want to be coached, you’re spinning your wheels in trying to work toward a coaching relationship. If coaching the employee toward better performance is crucial to his or her keeping his job, make that arrangement known up front.


Work with him on what performance issues are being addressed, how it will be addressed and what the ultimate outcome of the coaching will be. Set an agreed upon time for reviews of the coaching and performance metrics. If the two of you don’t have measurable outcomes you won’t know whether the relationship is working.


Feedback is crucial to the coaching relationship. Make certain the employee knows he is able to have an open discussion with you on how he feels the relationship is working out – it needs to be a two way working relationship in order to make it beneficial.
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