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How to Expand your Business with a Second Location

Are you thinking about expanding your business? If so, it isn’t an easy decision and the final decision is one that is based on pure business logic. Plenty of forethought and research needs to go into the idea of expanding before you go forward with it, especially in this market. Since we’re all about making it in business here on Blair Stover, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before expanding your business.

1.     Make the decision on whether your business can survive after duplication. You cannot be in two places at once, so can the second site run without you? If your customers will not insist on doing business with only you, then you are good to go.

2.     What is the current strength of your business? Is the current location doing well enough now to warrant another location opening up? Why is it doing so well and can these things be duplicated at the new spot? Will you have a new target market? All of these questions have to be answered before you move forward.

3.     Get ready to perform market research. Focus on new target markets which means that you need to measure on the strength of any existing demand along with any competition. Look into advertising costs as well as budgeting issues.

4.     Be sure that you have the funding necessary. This included loans, investors and even your own capital. Remember that you have to consider your new location a brand new business venture.

5.     Are there any growth alternatives? Is there a chance you can build a website instead of taking on a second location? Websites are easier to take care of and less expensive. You have potentially more customers and it functions as your business’ new way to deliver services or products to existing markets.





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Social Media Recruiting Tools for Small Businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur or a recruiter for a large company, it is not always easy to find the most talented, qualified applicants for the job you’re looking to fill. Now with social media being so prevalent, a hiring manager can leverage social media as a way to recruit potential employees.

Between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there are close to 550 million users and many of those users are looking for work. As a business owner looking to hire new talent, these numbers offer a large talent pool from which to choose, but with that many individuals on these social networking sites, it can be overwhelming to know how to narrow the prospects. We offer you these tips:

LinkedIn should be your first stop for professional talent as this is a networking site that boasts a more professional atmosphere and is also where job seekers – and those looking to fill positions – typically congregate. Keep in mind that LinkedIn also represents close to 200 industries and 200 countries, making the talent pool even larger. As a LinkedIn user you can “advertise” for talent or you can look through your contacts and the connections of others to find likely candidates.

While Facebook remains the largest social networking site, boasting 400 million users, this is a site that connects individuals in a more social way as opposed to the professional contact building done on LinkedIn. That is not to say you can’t find a full talent pool on Facebook, but you might have to search a bit more and depending on the privacy settings individuals are employing, good potential candidates might not get found.

Twitter can be used to connect a business owner with a potential audience of job candidates as well. You can certainly post on Twitter that you are looking to fill a position. Highlight the position within your tweet with a hash tag, for example, #hiring a #graphic designer as a way to get found.

In all of these examples you can post free “ads” in which you seek potential candidates or you can upgrade the accounts to purchase paid advertisements or ads on your personal page. Posting status updates on your company’s personal pages is a way to let potential candidates know you are hiring. Chances are, your company is likely being followed by “someone who knows someone” and thus the connection begin. Many hiring managers are having great luck in finding potential candidates and filling positions through the use of social networking — all of which are low to no cost ways to fill company vacancies — and that is great for the bottom line.